Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dark Lady

Somehow in all the excitement this week, we managed to overlook a major event: Cher's birthday. She was 2,435 years young and still as thrilling as ever. Rather than making snide remarks about Cher looking plastic, I thought we'd look at Chers that actually are.

The original Cher doll, produced by a company called Mego, was Barbie's first serious rival. She was a little taller - which meant annoyingly incompatible fashions - but she was also... moodier. Fiercer. Frankly - trannier:

This being Early Period Cher, she was of course inevitably accompanied by Sonny:


Bob Mackie dressed Doll Cher, just like the real one:

Nonetheless, for some reason, almost all the Cher dolls currently on the market end up wearing this:

Unless they've fallen on really hard times:

Mego followed up with a whole line of TV stars - Farrah and Miss Ross I remembered, but did you know about Suzanne Somers? The Captain and Tenille? Laverne and Shirley?

What fun it would have been to give Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams makeovers in the more glam stars' outfits, or equally to en-frump Diana! Anyway, you can find out much more about all this over at the Mego Museum, and you really ought to.

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