Monday, July 1, 2013

Birthday Girl: Folkbird?

Well, here's a surprise with which to start off July...

This winsome all-American girl, circa 1968, is a singer in a fey, poppy folk-rock band called The Wind in the Willows.  Think the Mamas and the Papas, but with sub-TV jingle material (one track features a kazoo; another, inevitably, features copious Indian-style drones); you can hear the whole thing here, if you're so inclined.  They kind of sound like they're auditioning to be the soundtrack for a Universal-International hippie movie, or maybe a Very Special Episode of Love, American Style.  Truth to tell, there are good reasons they didn't quite hit the big time.  It's not an undiscovered masterpiece.

Nothing remarkable in that, really - consider the sheer number of also-rans the music business cranks out on daily basis, then and now.  The only thing that separates the fate of TWITW from, say, The Restless Feelin's, The Rovin' Flames, or The Bethlehem Exit (yes, I looked them up) is in fact this pretty girl.  She turns 68 today, and in the forty-odd years since '68 she went from windblown Michelle Phillips wannabe to one of the great rock goddesses, forever the Sunday Girl: Deborah Harry.  I had known she was a Bunny, but this other phase of her long and checkered career had hitherto escaped my notice.

It's great to know that she's still going strong, in an incarnation that suits her rather better than paisley.  I wonder if she still has that caftan/tunic top/whatever it is...


  1. My, how she's grown up... Jx

  2. As the kids say OMG! Your research skills are amazing. (And I thought something about her looked familiar but I never would have figured it out.)

  3. Call me!

    ...later, when I've gotten out of this damned band.