Wednesday, July 10, 2013

And My Heart Begins to Sing

Reader, I married him.

After ten years, I guess it seemed like time.  We were married by a very nice woman called Tiffany who has recognized a wide-open market in the greater capital area and pretty much marries people like us non-stop.  She has a handsome room downtown, simple and white with high windows, and there we met on Tuesday afternoon, just a handful of us.  My sister came, and her son (who I helped raise all those years ago and who now has a baby of his own - now that we live nearby, we are very much looking forward to being Uncle Mames).  Miss Rheba was there, and a couple of friends who could take part of a summer afternoon off.  We stood up and Tiffany read a very simple ceremony, then signed our marriage certificate, and there it was. Signed, sealed, delivered, he's mine.  And vice versa.  Not all that much of a change, really, but as Wordsworth once wrote (albeit in a very different context) - O! the difference to me.

We all went back to the empty apartment afterward, to share the joy with the dogs (who responded with suitable exuberance) and have a little nibble and some Champers (now that I think about it, part of the exuberance may have been from the dog's favorite thing, the Presence of Cheese).  Then on to dinner at a place nearby.  Nothing fancy, no place cards, no processionals and recessionals, but a milestone nonetheless.

You know us WASPs - no sentiment, please.  Thank goodness for people like Cyndi Lauper who can tell it like it is.


  1. Outstanding. Wishing you a long and happy life together.

  2. We had a commitment ceremony in 1999 with friends and immediate family. It was a nice affair, and everyone had a good time. Wile I felt attached, I really felt like I did before.

    Then, when Massachusetts lifted he ban on marrying people from states that banned same sex weddings, we jumped at the chance. We became the first out of state couple to get married under the expedited rules, which included an appearance before a judge asking for the courts to wave the waiting period.

    We were married by a very nice Town Clerk in Needham, Massachusetts. And when she pronounced us husbands in life THEN the impact ht home.

    Being married makes a big difference. It means that our relationship is recognized as equal with other people's marriages. It matters.

    Welcome to the club!

  3. So pleased for you and yours! Felicitations!

  4. Oh, Doll, color me delighted! So happy for you both. Ed and I keep saying we'll wait for a change at the federal level, but as life steams ever forward I get the itch to be a Sadie. Congratulations and happily ever after to you both.

    And just think, you can get rid of those pesky twin beds now..

  5. Congratulations, dear - I'm sure it was just like (one of) Liz Taylor's! Jx

    1. Let's just hope it's more Todd (without that plane crash) or the better parts of Burton, and less Fortensky...

  6. O, I'm so glad sweetie. As someone once said to me, Alf Mabrouk, Habibi!

  7. Congratulations Mr and Mr Mustcato.

  8. Congratulations and many happy anniversaries!

  9. I'm getting married tomorrow. It makes me so happy that I can enter into this joyous state in the company of everyone who wishes to do so. Mazel Tov!

  10. CONGRATS! May you have many happy years together!

    Did you wear white, or ivory?

    Did you cry? I wish I had been there, to cheer you on, and I would have been a flood of tears.

    Is the wedding registry at Tiffany's or Sotheby's?

    And, where are you going on your Honeymoon? My guess is either Niagara Falls, Provincetown, or Rehoboth Beach.

    May the two of you enjoy all of life pleasures,
    - Drew