Friday, July 12, 2013

Helluva Town

Road trip!

Since we've had so little going on the last week or two, we've decided to bundle the dogs into the new (used) Muscatomobile and head for the big city.  My nearest cousin is passing the same milestone I did earlier this year and entering his second half-century, and so we're grabbing the opportunity for a little mini-honeymoon of sorts.  I'm looking forward to running around a little while the Mister takes his daytime Ramadan naps (I haven't been to MoMa since the last century), and he's looking forward to finding some decent Middle Eastern food, something that is startlingly short supply in the DC area.

As for the dogs, they have no idea what's in store for them.  Koko and Boudi in the Big City, coming soon to a metroplex near you - as long as it had Saul Bass-style credits in the style of this handsome vintage travel poster, I'm sure it would be a big hit...


  1. So close, Muscato. So very, very close.

    Enjoy your romp.

  2. If you're coming to Brooklyn (and who isn't coming to Brooklyn these days?), you'll find terrific middle eastern food everywhere. Zaytoon's is a favorite.

    And Sahadi's is the place to stock up on your middle eastern food products.

    Enjoy your visit and warm wishes to you both for your marriage.

  3. Late to the party but stopping by to congratulate you on your nuptials.

  4. No Brooklyn, sadly, this time, but watch out, Bill - someday you're going to see a pair of stout parties march into that store and then you'll be sorry.

    And always welcome, MJ, and happy you're back...

    1. I do hope you drop in, Muscato. Usually off Sunday & Monday. But will, of course, flip days with advance notice of a visit. Tickled at the thought.