Sunday, June 30, 2013

Random Sunday Thoughts

What's on my mind?  Well you may ask.  You might be surprised to know that it's not (primarily) the gentleman on the right...

Herewith, a few things I'm thinking about (once you can tear your eyes from the gentleman on the right.  I don't usually approve of tattoos, but for him I'd make just as much an exception as his companion, who's clearly giving a practiced eye at a crucial part of the view):

- Remember my hair?  Thanks to time, our thankful deliverance from the evil desalinated water of the Sandlands, and the DC summer climate, I can now nearly carry off a creditable Deneuve, as seen above (if the screen legend had sported a slightly raised hairline and had decided to go for salt-and-pepper with a bias toward the silver in place of her trademark flaxen).

- Living in a hotel apartment always makes me think of Dorothy Parker, although I suppose a suburban Marriott Residence Inn is something of a far cry from the kind of genteel/depressing Upper East Side establishments she haunted.

- The dogs, thank goodness (and somewhat to my surprise) have taken to apartment living like ducks to water.  They are admirably silent much of the time and seem to be enjoying their new surroundings.  We are, of course, walking them frequently (and just as frequently thinking nostalgically both of our little garden at the Villa Muscato and of dear Mrs. Galapatti-da Silva, who did yeoman walking duty once upon a time).

- Fortunately, it's not the sort of hotel that offers room service, or I can't imagine what kind of bills Koko might run up.  Given the chance, I'm quite sure he'd give Eloise a run for her money as a hotel hellraiser, with Boudi easily corruptible and perfectly willing to follow in his wake.

- Our emerging dilemma: live in a purchased place that's not where we want it and likely too small by a third, or bankrupt ourselves with a perfectly acceptable and exquisitely placed rental flat that might indeed be to Miss Parker's satisfaction (albeit not, technically, in a mid-century ladies' residential hotel).

- There is an inexpressible comfort in doing the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle on what is actually a real (i.e. non-working day) Sunday morning.  We are occasionally startled by our suddenly realigned week (one in which Mr. Muscato has never lived and I haven't for just under a decade), but on the whole it's something of a relief to be, as it were, back in synch.

And how's by you on what is, at least here, a lowering and gray Sunday morning?


  1. my mother and her unbearable
    husband left this morning
    at 6:30 for their trek to niagara falls.

    it has been a week.

    next weekend, my friend
    (and his friend)
    will be coming for dinner.
    they're riding their bicycles
    across the country to raise money for
    cancer research.

    riding their bicycles across the country.

  2. Morning laundry, four loads. CBS Sunday morning. Train (train!) into NYC to avoid tunnel traffic on this Pride Parade day. A hot, damp walk from Penn Station, through the crowds of rainbow revelers, up to the Edison Diner (what possessed me?), and on to the Booth Theatre to see Bette's last performance in I'll Eat You Last. Diverting enough, and Bette's a treasure, but I've already forgotten most of it. Chinese leftovers on the sofa with my sweet Ed and 60 Minutes. We'll soon be pulling up NetFlix and calling the midwife,

    1. Wait - calling the midwife? Is there something we don't know, or is that a euphemism for something dirty?

    2. honey, you have some catching up to do.
      "call the midwife" is one of the sweetest,
      most lovely shows to ever air.

    3. I'm in love with Chummy Browne.

    4. I now officially have no idea what we're talking about. I feel like Lucille Bluth: I don't understand the question and I won't respond to it. And whatever else is going on, "Chummy Browne" is definitely a euphemism for something dirty.

    5. I'll show you my chummy if you take your bluth out.

  3. Errr - hangover from hell, post-Pride; a very slow day today, but a blazingly sunny one, thank heavens. Jx

    PS Mlle Deneuve has great taste!

  4. My Sunday? Schvitzing in the back yard hand pulling weeds by hands because its better for the dogs. And GUESS who breeched the fence today? KEVIN.