Thursday, July 4, 2013

Birthday Country: Doesn't Look a Day Over 236

Franklin has always been one of my favorite Founding Fathers, not least because I have a feeling that on a hot July day in Philadelphia, he'd be up for something a tad more bracing than Kool Aid...

As, for that matter, am I.  And one of the joys of being back in the country that today celebrates its 237th birthday is that I can go and enjoy a little something out of doors, without being made to feel at like some kind of tragic combination of heroin addict and infidel.  So it's a nice glass of wine for me, and as for Mr. Muscato, he's jonesing for a lobster, so it should be a quite successful holiday celebration.

As I hope yours is, whatever may come your way - even a terrifying ambulatory anthropomorphic pitcher pitching sugar water...


  1. prepping the house for impending visit from my high school buddy who is raising money for cancer by riding his bicycle across the united states.

    in under a month, he's half way done.

  2. Sat on a nearby high school football field along with a few thousand very pleasant others. A rather vibrant mix of races, ethnicities, and creeds all there to salute our freedom, eat some junky goodness, and watch the sparkly fireworks as we all ooh'd and aaah'd at our good fortune to be in the USA. We shared our enormous bag of kettle corn with the Columbian family to our left and the African American family to our right. I imagined it as a better scrubbed, be-sandaled, and Old Navy'd Ellis Island. Despite a firework soundtrack that included Katy Perry instead of Copland, Bruce instead of Irving Berlin, and Neil Diamond over Sousa, it all seemed just as it should be.

  3. I'd like an ambulatory anthropomorphic pitcher of margaritas.

  4. We spent our evening watching our neighbor Tim set off fireworks in his front yard, one of which was named "Golden Showers".

    1. Reels the mind... Clearly, life in the suburbs has more going on than ever I imagined.