Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Scenery and a Domestic Update

I thought it might be nice to have a quiet little moment looking at a new snap of dear Mr. Upen Patel, that longtime Café favorite and Bollywood semi-sensation. Isn't he pretty?

But, you may ask, what else is going on, after all the momentous changes in the lives of Mr. Muscato, Boudi, Koko, and me?  Excellent question!  So, so much.  Among other things, in the past few days (in and around celebrating the Fourth with an excellent lobster supper), we have gotten ourselves a new (to us) Muscatomobile, a most serviceable vehicle of a kind poised somewhere between tiny SUV and station wagon.  Even more momentously, we found a flat that met most of our criteria, being handy to public transport, within walking distance of most of life's necessities, and, while not downtown, at least in a respectable inner suburb of Our Nation's Capital.  It even has a postage stamp of a balcony, which fascinates the dogs no end.  It will be a challenging exercise to put our assorted belongings in the place, which is in its entirely just about the size of the drawing room at the former Villa Muscato out in the Sandlands, but such is price for having six Thai restaurants within walking distance (not to mention a Pottery Barn and a tapas place - oh, we're very Guppy Bobo all of a sudden, you know...).

We moved in this morning, and now are sitting quite companionably in the empty place, which contains in its entirely at the moment one brand new bed, two folding chairs, our suitcases, and two rather dazed but generally contented terriers.  It's a relief to be delivered from hotel life, and now we can devote our energies to settling in and seeing what mischief we can get up to in our new surroundings.  I can only hope that the tapas place features more prominently than Pottery Barn...


  1. Oh, decorating. You know I love fixing up a place. Almost as much as I love Upen Patel.

  2. Wow, a good-looking Indian guy! Not many of those around...I once actually SAID to an Indian woman that I felt sorry for Indian women that Indian men are so very UGLY as a species...and she AGREED with me! I was at an Indian event and there were all these attractive Indian women with all these incredibly ugly, balding, greasy-looking, ear-hair-laden, bulgy-bellied men accompanying them! Only the young men looked good...FOR NOW.

    It's no wonder they had arranged marriages in India; would any woman in her right mind voluntarily marry such trolls? There is this Indian actor (whose name escapes me) that is described as "the Brad Pitt of India" I took a look and he is indeed the "Brad Pitt of India all righty- but "Brad Pitt" as he looks NOW (old, wizened, overweight, greasy and straggly, with every scrap of hot sucked out of him by that vampire he consorts with); not like he did THEN (before he took up with said vampire) .

  3. let me know when the housewarming
    party's planned. i'll shine up the jell-o mold.