Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beach Party Day Dream

It may be just because the Family's been so much in the news in the last couple of days,* although I think it's more likely because the Mister and I spent the morning braving the DMV, but I've decided that all I really want to do is go to a beach party with Princess Margaret and her pals on Mustique in 1972.  I'll have what she's having, and the gentleman in the back in stripes can stop by my cabana about 4:00, please...

*And yes, I did watch the live cam, and the jury's in:  the kid's a natural - did you see his little wave?


  1. If you're having what Margaret's having then it's probably "the gentleman in the back in stripes"...



    1. As long as there's some gin involved, I don't mind sharing...

  2. I was just thinking "the gentleman in the back in stripes" is probably much in demand by everyone in that picture.

  3. Oh, you mean the "Gentleman in the back in stripes" isn't Princess Margaret?