Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Patti, Maxene, and LaVerne Meet the Age of Aquarius

...and love every minute of it.

Nothin' but three old broads having a ball a good twenty years after I, at least, thought they retired.

How much you want to bet those are gowns by Travilla? Either that or they mugged Judy Garland en route to the studio...


  1. Fabulous! And I love their entrance: who knew that The Andrews Sisters inspired The Shangri-Las?

    The sisters Andrews also appeared on the Sammy Davis Jr Show with The Supremes, "trading" each others' hits. To watch Patty, Maxene and Laverne camp their way through "Baby Love" while decked out in Phyllis Diller's feathered minidress cast-off's borders on the sublime.

    In my household, anyway.

  2. wow...so animated! They do seem to be having fun.