Sunday, July 20, 2008

Don't F*ck with Me, Fellas!

This exquisite image comes from the almost impossibly fabulous Barbie Doll Portrait Project, a site to which you must go now and experience the full rapture of the true fashion-doll addict.

Consider it a tribute to Mattel, which this week showed that it will do what it takes to retain primacy in the world of 11 1/2" unhealthy images for little girls and obsessions for certain big boys, having vanquished in court (for total damages still to be announced) its dreaded rival, the unspeakably atrocious Bratz.

Barbie fun fact: in parts of the world, the venerable idol's chief rival is not, in fact, the loathesome Bratz, but Fulah, a doll heavily financed by shadowy Saudi money and promoted as a positive - and thoroughly covered - Muslim alternative:

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