Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Image du Jour: Flashback

It was a time when goddesses roamed the earth...

... clad in Halston, insulated from reality by pharmaceuticals, and staring at the off-camera shirtless cater-waiter and his tantalizing tray of cocktails...


  1. Those "Sex and the City" lightweights look like Girl Scouts next to these broads. The 1970's get reviled as the beginning of the end of Western civilization, but as photos like this conclusively prove, they also were the last gasp of authentic glamour.

    I love the fact that two of the women pictured here with Mrs. Ford also made subsequent use of her rehab facility.

  2. And God knows the other one should have, as well!

    You're quite right - the 70s are a transitional time, one that allowed both for the prolonged twilight of the Great Ladies and the rise of the Leisure Suit.

    I think it's rather amazing that three of these creatures are, more or less, still among us.

  3. Ah...were they ever really among us?