Sunday, July 6, 2008

Birthday Girl: Della Reese

Many happy returns to a Great Lady of Song, one whose career - and Essential Fabulousness - has in recent years been overshadowed by fairly boring mass-market TV stardom.

Perhaps when you're born Delloreese you just have this kind of flair as a birthright:

She hairhopped with the best of them:

I first remember Miss Della from her many appearances on Mike and Dinah, recounting her near-death experiences and repeated miraculous comebacks.

Today, she's survived being Touched by the Networks and even retained much of her pizzaz - more power to her!

Honey, if that's what 70-something looks like, I want me some!


  1. Oh, I love me some Della Reese! The first time I saw "La Boheme," eons ago,I sat bolt upright when "Musetta's Waltz" started and whispered to my companion: "What the hell is a DELLA REESE song ["Don't You Know"] doing in this opera?!"

  2. I adore her and especially Don't You Know, a song meant for a big-boned gal with a great big voice.

  3. In another life, I *swear* I'm coming back as a big-boned gal with a great big voice.