Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year's, Baby

Just look at the red cheeks on that bellboy...

Me have a dirty mind - you have a dirty mind!

But I mean... some things you can just put down to changing times, but I really can't quite fathom that this wasn't always considered just a shade risqué.

I had been looking, you see, for one of J.C. Leyendecker's New Year's infant illustrations, and in among the roly-poly tots was this little gem. Now, I know nothing about the good people of Kuppenheimer's, but at some point in the process, whether in the PR department or Old Man Kuppenheimer himself. somebody had a little too much interest in uniforms and flushed complexions. Among other things.

As the new year gets under steam, I hope your day has proved just as perky and spruce as this pair. If I didn't know better, I might suspect that they ended up with all our other old friends at the Pensione Regina Vittoria...


  1. “There was a young chaplain from King's / Who talked about God and such things / But his real desire / Was a boy in the choir / With a bottom like jelly on springs.”

  2. Plus, I don't know how I possibly overlooked the extravagantly phallic walking stick the gentleman is waving in the bellhop's face. No wonder he's blushing.

  3. Yup, this composition is definitely all about those diagonals.

    And the fact that the young dandy is, on top of everything else that's going on here, apparently playing pocket pool...

  4. I used to have pert buttocks like those

    1. O lucky man! I never did; these Teutonic genes somehow managed to put curves in all the wrong places, alas...