Saturday, May 23, 2015

Join the Jubilee!

Well, it is, by all indications, a great day for the Irish, and who better to sing us in than St. Judy?

Some days I wake up and can't believe how quickly change has come.  I was reading some back entries right here at this very blog yesterday, and I marveled at how much energy and anxiety the Mister and I once had to waste simply to be together in the same country.  Then one day, with the stroke of a pen, that was over, and today, as a cosy and very old-fashioned married couple, it feels as distant as a faded bad dream.  Astonishing.  Now it appears that Ireland - Ireland!, not to indulge one's stereotypes, thoroughly outdated, of a Pope-ridden backwater - has led the way for popular acclamation of marriage equality.

One can argue the merits of having to vote on what should an acknowledged human right, and personally I have no argument whatsoever about the American approach of - knock wood - a judicial solution ushering in national recognition, but still there is something satisfying about seeing a country turn out and make a sensible decision.

Who's next?


  1. Begorrah, the buggers got it right! Jx

  2. Quick indeed.

    Last night, without thinking, I nuzzled my husband as we stood in the night air during a theater intermission. We were in suburban NJ, not the Big, liberal Apple. I caught myself a second later and glanced about it, expecting the stares, frowns, comments, or pointing of strangers that not too many years ago used to accompany such PDAs. There was an unfazed smile or two and not much else.

    Ireland. Ireland! Delightful.

    My thoughts on a national Irish character include their wit, ego, stubbornness, melancholy, temper, and fighting spirit. But my greatest experience of an Irish temperament (if one can generalize in such a way) is a tolerance of everyone (The Troubles not withstanding). There's a recognition of the differences and frailties that we all have and a kindness toward all because of that recognition. Growing up in a sea of Ryans, Burkes, Kellys, McThese, and O'Those, we were always told to include everyone. The fat kid, the slow kid, the special needs kid, the wispy kid, the younger siblings, the visiting cousin. We were just expected to bring them all along and find common ground. And we did.

    This Yes vote speaks to that simple kindness toward all. I hope it spreads.