Wednesday, May 13, 2015

And Then There's Me


As I may have mentioned once or twice, dear Miss Beatrice Arthur and I share more than an at times flinty temperament; we are both May babies, born today.  As the years go by, I feel ever more something of a kinship with the old girl, bless her memory.

We're not doing much in the way of celebration today, as My Dear Sister is journeying south this weekend and we'll be festive then.  Still, it's a milestone in its small way, and this year doubly so simply because, in the words of Mr. Sondheim, I'm still here.  Which I'm deciding is a very good thing.  Perhaps, in Miss Arthur's memory, I should dedicate the coming year to finding new and inventive ways to be compromisin', enterprisin', anything but tranquilizin'.

Or maybe I'll just go in for tunics and scarves.  We shall see...


  1. Happy birthday, Muscato. May there be many, many, many more.


  2. Happy Birthday! Glad you're "still here"!

  3. Oh my,
    Happy birthday!
    Thank you for being a friend!
    And actually, I think dear St. Bea is someone who got better looking with age.
    She certainly was handsomer in 1984 than she had been in 74.

    I'm guessing it's a Taurus thing

  4. "If I say that your sense of style's as far as off as your youth;
    It's simply that who else but a bosom buddy
    Will tell you the whole stinkin' truth."

    Happy birthday, Muscato and Bea!


  5. Lady Muscato was a free form blogger
    She didnt' care if the whole world read...

    Happiest of days, Muscato!

  6. Have a spectacular day, and perhaps offset the travails of rehab with a wee glass of champagne (or two...)

    I must ask - are hairstyles converging with your birthday mate?

  7. Oh dear I'm a day late but I hope it was a spectacular birthday and that your weekend plans turn out wonderfully as well!

    Miss Bea looks a mite startled in that snapshot.

  8. Many happy returns, wonderful Muscato. I hope you had a lovely day, will have a fine celebration when Sister arrives, and go on to have many many more!

  9. From Tuckahoe to Miami, I hope your happiness lingers, stretches, and gives pause when appropriate.