Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Yesterday, When They Were Young

A swirling combination of furs, cigarettes, cocktails, mascara, and long, searching glances - this extraordinary combination of Pre-Code clips and the music of Florence + the Machine combines as well as anything I've ever seen to answer the question:  Why does one so love film?

Movie clipfests are in no way in short supply on the YouTubes, but the creator of this one, the mysterious, wise, and apparently infinitely cinephiliac Saraismyname stands apart.  I'm almost hesitant to call her work to your attention, both because I know you'll go ahead and gorge yourself on the richness that she's created and because, being selfish, I'd rather have this marvelous stuff all to my self, to be doled out stingily.

Ah, well; genius must be shared.  I just hope you weren't planning to do anything for the next few hours...


  1. Glamour Heaven! Does anyone know a shop who does Marcel waves?

  2. Well, I suppose you could try The Hair Hall of Fame, but be careful - some of those dizzy queens make Vera Vague look like Irene Dunne!

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