Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mysterious Beige

Who knew? In these parts, Blythe is a spokesmodel with her own hair color line.  It's about time the big-eyed one got one over on that damn Barbie Roberts and her endless merchandise machine.

I'm glad to see, in this increasingly homogenized world, where I can drop down into the mall next to my excellent hostelry and pick this or that up at L'Occitane before stopping by Burger King, that some little eccentricities of the kind long glorified under the rubric Engrish still live on, as with this:

Of course, I'm well aware that we Yanks are basically the only people in the world who don't call biscuits, biscuits, but it still amuses me.  But it's the juxtaposition of "Powder Health Tonic" and "Essence of Chicken" that leaves me considering the sensible housewife heaving a sigh of relief knowing that she can cross these two essentials off her list all in one aisle, even as she picks up a pack or two of Choco-Babies or other local cookie treats.

Ah, but now it's off to work.  Teaching two back-to-back three hour sessions is basically the equivalent of doing two shows a day, only the matinee starts at an ungodly hour and its bad form to sneak out for a drink between shows.  Wish me luck...


  1. I'll take a Melty Mocha, please and thank you!

    1. Good choice, Anon - that Mirror Ash is trashy as hell...

  2. To pick you right up after a long day educating, I think you need Powder Health Tonic made with Essence of Chicken. And put some gin in it.

  3. What is "mysterious" about beige? Jx