Sunday, March 3, 2013

Does Anyone Still Wear a Hat?

Sixty-three years ago they certainly did, and on a fine spring March 3 in 1950, Mr. Gordon Parks went out on the streets of New York with some very pretty models and proved it.  It may not have been the best year ever for hats (My guess is that it would be hard to beat either 1912 or 1939), but I certainly can't fault this charming black number with its very flattering veil, can you?

* * * *

You'll forgive me if things are a little slim hereabouts - the parade of office visitors continues, and for once I have to pretend to be a responsible professional.  Terrible bore, naturally, not least because we had such a splendid time in Bahrain that it seems all the drearier to come back to the grindstone.  I think instead of writing up memoranda on strategic directions in communications to New Media Audiences, I'll just sit and think of the spring hats of 1950.  After the shoot, do you suppose they all went to the Plaza for a drink?  I would have...


  1. It's nice to dream of occasions for wearing hats but sadly they tend toward cowboy or baseball ones these days. Perhaps hats or millinery work better in the movies than in real life. That said, there is something Rosiland Russell about the model up there.

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    1. And one for Mahler! Jx

    2. That's who you are!

      Peter, you're a male Joanne!

  3. Oh sweetie, just google "strategic directions in communications to New Media Audiences" and cut and paste your little heart out. Surely some teenage busybody has already written this all up. But you should be wary; the more you sound like you know about this stuff, the more you get stuck with it.

  4. "strategic directions in communications to New Media Audiences"

    Sounds like a blog full of naked men on Tumblr

  5. Alex in CaliforniaMarch 6, 2013 at 3:20 PM

    Not uncommon to see women in church wearing hats. I see men in baseball caps, beanies, and cowboy hats - nothing that harkens back to the '30's,'40's and '50's.