Friday, November 9, 2012

Only in My Dreams

Here's one for gentlemen of a certain age:  I woke up this morning from a dream in which Al Parker was going to be coming to lunch today.  What on earth can it mean?  More importantly, what on earth would one serve?


  1. I would start with a double helping of me and see what came up next.

    Right after we moved to San Francisco I saw him driving around (in a white van, natch) looking sort of glum. It remains one of my very few celeb sightings.

  2. Ummmm... sausage sandwich? Jx

  3. what's going on? last night, i watched a documentary about jack wrangler
    and there was mention of your luncheon guest.

    contrary to what you might think, i don't normally dwell on porn stars.

  4. Tomato aspic and watercress finger sandwiches, just like you would for anyone else. You don't want him to feel self conscious, do you?

    btw, love the Wrangler doc.

  5. So jealous, Peenee, even if he did look glum. The first time I saw Jack Wrangler (before his Mr. Margaret Whiting days), I was reminded of a picture I'd once seen of him and Mr. Parker together. I was dismayed to realize that the latter was in fact shorter than the former, who was no giant. I decided then and there that, when it comes to porn stars, it's not that it's so big, but rather they tend toward the diminutive.