Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Like a View...

...but I like to sit with my back to it.  That's something that Alice B. Toklas said, but I've always sort of understood it.

For a variety of reasons, this has not been my favorite of days.  Rather than either trying, and more likely than not failing, to be amusing, or even worse, just whinging on, instead I'll pass on this snap, taken a couple of summers ago when Mr. Muscato and I visited Italy.  I like to look at it when there's a certain amount of bleakness 'round about.

It's from a town called Bracciano, which when we were there was still buzzing from having hosted the wedding of those glam newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cruise.  Well, I guess compared to how that turned out, my day wasn't all that bad...


  1. Well that is so lovely as to appear unreal. Gorgeous!

    Now, go out and have a cocktail, or a xanax if at all possible. Doctor's orders.

  2. A remarkable photo of a beautiful place - no wonder it makes you feel better... Jx

  3. Not to put too fine a point on it (and certainly not wishing to make a pale day paler), but wasn't it Miss Gertrude Stein qua Alice B. Toklas (in her autobiography of same) who made the remark about sitting with her back to a view?

    1. Technically, of course, yes, but I have always thought that great stretches of the Autobiography might as well have been transcription in the way that they feel so authentically Alice.

      As for Gertrude, I don't really think she thought too much about views. I think she knew that wherever she was, she was the view.

  4. AND, re Gertrude, she made women who had no moustashe look "positively nude." I can't recall who said that, but I hope it may cheer you up!