Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shameless Saturday Camp Explosion

Because some days, you just wanna fuckin' dance.

It's an oldie, but beyond goodie, and I'm sure quite familiar already to many Café regulars. I'm amazed it hasn't featured here already.  Probably the best dance anthem ever taken from a contemporary "headline opera" (in this case, Jerry Springer: The Opera).  Alison Jiear, a regular on the UK stage, sings the hell out of it.  I like this one of the several edits floating around, as it incorporates footage of her from the stage version.  She sings Shawntel, a frustrated housewife who, well, just wants to dance.


  1. "I don't give a fuck no more, if people think I am a whore" - possibly the very best opening line to any song, anywhere, and a mantra I hold very close to my heart... Jx

  2. I know the song but had no idea it was from the Jerry Springer opera. Yay! That makes me love it even more.

    And musical montage/mashups? Fuck, yeah!!

  3. i knew nothing & now i know. gracias, as always.