Friday, June 22, 2012

London Pride...

Yeah, I'm a sap for all things English.  Who else could get choked up thinking about the Blitz while taking a bus tour?

Highlights so far: astonishing fish and chips at a little local off the Edgware Road.  The exhibition of portraits of the Queen at the National Portrait Gallery (Annigonis!  Beatons!  Even a Snowdon or two!).  Excellent Chinese (something almost unheard of in the Sandlands) down toward Soho.  And pubs, pubs, pubs, many full of the most attractive gentlemen.  And of course, statues of lions.  This one stands on the South Bank, looking histrionic.  I can't tell if his expression is more Burden of Empire or Forgot my ATM PIN, but he's pretty beguiling, no?

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  1. Very glad you're enjoying your stay in London, my dear - I'm still hoping to bump into you at oune of those "pubs full of the most attractive gentlemen"!

    The lion is indeed a marvellous work, and here's a potted history for you:

    Originally stood on the parapet of Red Lion Brewery. When the bomb-damaged Brewery was demolished to make room for the 1951 Festival Hall, the Lion was saved at the request of King George VI and moved to the entrance of Waterloo Station. When the Station was expanded in 1966 the Lion was moved to its present location, Westminster Bridge and renamed 'The South Bank Lion'. When the Lion was moved from the top of the Brewery, a time capsule from 1837 was found in the recess of its back: a bottle with two William IV coins and a Coade Co. calling card. This was replaced with a 1966 coin and articles about the Lion's history.