Thursday, May 10, 2012

Perfect Relationships

Something about this just feels right for today.  I don't know about you, but I'm feeling a tad sentimental, and really very proud of Our President.  Oh, I know - took long enough, and all that, but what's said is said, and here we are.

Of course, the Mr. and I do have a stake in this, as what keeps us overseas, at least in part, is that we have no choice.  We are a family (as they sing in sitcom-season-promotional specials), and it's nice to think that yesterday we moved one step more toward having that recognized.


  1. I'm pleased, but cynical enough to be annoyed at the hooplah around Biden's "slip" on Meet the Press that kicked it all off and which I'm convinced was about as accidental as kabuki theatre

  2. Agreed, Peenee. The Sunday morning political chat shows are where they always float the test balloons.

    But I am, nonetheless, pleased as we inch closer to having our families recognized.

    Also amused that you chose this clip, Muscato, as my friend the actress just opened in Company, in Rochester, on Wednesday evening.

  3. I'm sure Nell Carter would approve.