Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Buddy System

After all these years, Chet and Ted had it down to a science.  Chet would pretend to read a letter from his Dad, and Ted would start in slow.  If something developed from there, well... Betty and Elaine weren't due home from the Junior League 'til 4:30.  Some things had never changed, not since that first magic summer at the Charlotte Watson Memorial Presbyterian Bible Camp back in '56.


  1. Well, this picture fulfilling every Norman Mailer/Kevin Kline fanatsy that I ever had.

    1. I aim to please...even though I'm seen more Arthur Miller than Mailer.

    2. "seeing". Can't think what that typo was about - submitted long before the Cocktail Hour...

    3. Obviously, I was at least one glass of wine into the evening. Miller was exactly who I meant. At least I didn't say Gore Vidal or William Buckley.

      And I'm seeing a bit more Colin Farrell than Kline on second glance.