Friday, July 30, 2010

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Nice Muscles!

In honor of Mr. Muscato and me finally finding a pretty good sushi place in our new community, I thought a moment's communing with the madness of contemporary Japan might be in order.

Oh, yes, I'm fully aware that everybody's over weird Japaniana; but then you stumble on something like this little startler, and you realize all over again that the "Why am I Mr. Sparkle?" Simpsons episode is still a work of sheer genius (not to mention verisimilitude).

Watch and marvel...


  1. Knowing that you enjoyed this, the "Why am I Mr. Sparkle?" Simpsons episode (hilarious) and Bugs Bunny, I simply MUST sit down with you to watch television.

  2. I love weird Japaniana, the magic never pales.

  3. The talking through their nose thing was my favorite part. At least I really think so, think so.

  4. when i was brought up by grandma fellini (oma :O), she had the very civilised idea to have a nanny help her raising what became a singularly divine individual !

    miho, the young lady in question, was from a rather wealthy japanese family, who owned several stores in downtown kyoto. however she had made the decision that she was going to pay her own way her staying in italy, a country she adored for many romantic if not misguided reasons

    from a very early age, monsieur fellini was introduced to many japanese oddities - however it is with regret that i report that miho never - i mean not even once - showed me the muscly buttocks constellation!

    it was only years later that i learnt to use the bulging stars in the sky as a compass to navigate through life's sixpacks and pecs

  5. I somehow enjoy watching Japanese game shows on Youtube. I find them very fun.