Friday, July 9, 2010

Call Me Madam Freedom

Well, I bet you thought this was the last place in the world you were going to encounter a World Cup post, didn't you? Guess again, darlings, for Mr. Muscato and I have been caught up - as much as one can on the benighted shores of Massachusetts - with the goings-on in Capetown, Jo'burg, and thereabouts. Of course, it hasn't been the same since the team I was rooting for - North Korea, natch - was so unceremoniously ousted, but we've soldiered on.

Even better, I've got not one but two ways to tie the (it must be admitted) unaccustomed athletic theme into topics more regularly found herein.

First up, the video seen above - a regionalized version of the omnipresent tournament song, "Waving Flag", featuring my favorite Arab-pop ultrastar, that Kylie of the East, Miss Nancy Ajram. It's both an improvement on the original song and actually rather a fun little clip.

Second, as part of my ongoing effort to broaden your horizons, I'm proud to bring you a snippet of news from our once-and-future part of the world that may have escaped your attention. The National, a UAE-based English rag, has passed on the rather fascinating news that local religious authorities have declared via fatwa that the World Cup's signature contribution to noise pollution, the vuvuzela, is - at least in certain conditions - haram, or off limits. That'll learn 'em, but I doubt it will do much to quell the mosquito-like hum that has been the background to our lives for the past four weeks or so...


  1. I was also rooting for The Democratic People's Republic. Aftre they were eliminated I had to take to my boudoir with a cold compress of eau de cologne.

  2. Muscato, a word of warning: Three of my best friends are bound for the Cape as I type. All 45-50, camp as all get out and likely to be leaving gin & Scotch bottles in their wake.

    A tallish bear still working a 70s 'stache, a quiet(ish) Lithuanian, and
    a heavyset Irishman who is often mistaken for Rosalind Russell. Pete, Bruce & John.

    They're hilarious all evening and useless before noon. They never miss Tea at the Boatslip. Peter & John have a fondness for and knowledge of old Hollywood, royalty and politics that you'd rather enjoy. Just watch your liver.

  3. how coincidental that i catch up with a newly re-invented signor muscato while reading his latest "call me madam freedom" !

    glad to hear that your prolonged silence did not signify that you were rotting in some dump cell for terrible crimes for the like of stepping out of the shower showing your appendices in full view of your neighbours - we always suspected that señora ajarallabah from next door had something to do with your disappearance and just to be on the safe side we went and threw rotten eggs at her windows one night

    of course to dismiss some other rumours, we will have to examine behind your ears for scars, but that would not be lady-like, so we'll drop the whole matter and we will collective lie for you, 'Of course he did not have any work done while he was away!"

    the web-o-sphere was not quite the same while you were gone, a few nasty attacks of muscato withdrawal syndrome were dealt as best as we could, and at the end of our parties we ended up with far more left-over champagne than ever before

    the wfi (web fabulousness index) has been recovering quickly since 4 july and we expect a considerable improvement on the number of hours we will leisurely spend idly lounging at the café muscato this summer

    on the subject of changing the name, my vote is for a decisive no. it will confuse anonymous and give us a fabulous way of distinguishing between those who know and the ignoramuses - who will regularly reminded of their freshman status - 'oh you mean you were not a regular at café muscato back then?! it's a long story. remind me to tell you some day', we will say looking down at them with bette davis' eyes and using that tone of voice

    welcome home signor muscato !

  4. Ah, David, never underestimate the effectiveness of a cold compress - as long as it's accompanied by some cold liquid refreshment of choice.

    And Bill, the pals sound like absolute heaven on a biscuit, but alas our prolonged idyll is at last drawing to a close, and we have, with great regret, tea'ed our last tea. (On that note: song of the season? "All the Lovers" is gaining strength, but I'm not sure anything's going to top the techno remix of "Don't Stop Believing" that's currently dominated the Boatslip dancefloor)

    And dear, dear Monsieur - such richness of kindness one does not deserve, and that's all there is to that.