Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What a [Christmas] Dump!

Who better to get us back into a holiday mood than Miss Bette Davis? Not only is she seasonally decked out here (if not, truth be told, looking any too pleased at the situation), but she ties in with the balance of today's posts, as I'm sure she tried a Pall Mall or two (or two thousand) in her day, and I have all confidence that she must have been a hellion behind the wheel (she certainly was in The Star).

And can't you just hear her? "Meeeee-rry Christmas. Now get me a drink."

Or am I flashing back to my childhood again?


  1. i just received the new bette davis book by richard schickel. upon an initial glance, i found two glaring errors.....grand guignol is spelled grand cuignol and the film "mommie dearest" is spelled mommy dearest. isn't this odd? WWBD?

  2. WWBD? Given the egregiousness of the errors, I think the answer is obvious. She would cut a bitch. Or maybe just poke him with her cigarette.

  3. One of my favorite photos evah! It works on so many levels.