Friday, December 18, 2009

Her Heart Belongs to Santa

At a point one suspects fairly late in her relatively brief career as a Cheesecake Cutie, the first lady of the Broadway musical, Miss Mary Martin, adopts a festive seasonal pose.

Who knew that Maria von Trapp (not to mention Nellie Forbush) had such grade-A gams?


  1. Miss J kinda covets those boots. In fact, she thinks the whole get-up would be great for engaging Mr. J in a little game of "Bad Santa".

  2. Go, Miss J!

    As for Miss Martin, well, I just loathe her. Never bought her, not even for a second. And I always thought she had a face for the second balcony.

  3. Miss Martin was one of Mother Muscato's idols, so I was raised with a steady diet of her records and forced repeatedly to watch her Peter Pan whenever the opportunity arose.

    She certainly had a way with audiences, but from most accounts was not necessarily someone you would want to know and, in addition, a patsy for a truly terrible stage husband.

    And Paramount's attempts to turn her into a screen sweetheart were simply mystifying...