Friday, December 12, 2008

A Word from our (Downmarket) Sponsor

I can just hear the negotiation on this one:

"Okay. As long as it's voiceover only, and at no point does she have to imply - in any way - that she actually eats the stuff..."

I'd file this under "Lo How the Mighty Have Fallen," but actually Miss. B. has always been remarkably straightforward that she's a working actress with bills to pay. The Dakota doesn't come cheap, kiddies...


  1. Oh, dear.

    If this were from, say, 1982, I'd understand it better. But does the average Arby's-goer today even know who the hell La Bacall is, let alone why it's supposed to be ironic and funny that she's hawking their $.99 cent giveaways?

  2. she did a voiceover for fancy feast cat food a while almost made me go buy some...

  3. Exactly my thoughts, tjb.
    I mean really...who's even
    seen such a thing as a gold rimmed "tulip tumbler" since at least '82!?

  4. oh my goodness...there is a saying for this "oh, how the mighty have fallen."

    She does have such a nice voice though.