Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Department of Questionable Assertions

It may be that this is the case. Indisputably, however, it is not a wonderful way to dress.

I'm actually kind of disappointed; I had really thought that The Speers were shoo-ins for Scariest Family of the Quarter.


  1. Wow. wow. Those dresses must be from a Butterick pattern. Around that same time I was in high school and in a religious singing ensemble (we each had our own microphones, just like the Supremes!!). The girls in the group had the same dresses. We lucky boys, however, got white jeans and black checkered shirts instead of the tuxes on these fine chaps. We called the dresses the yin-yang look.

  2. If your shirts were black checks, I hope that your group's iteration of the gowns in question eschewed the chocolate/cream doubleknit and went for something more apropos; what that might be, I can't think - no matter what, they'd still be those dresses.

    And if you were boy and girls together, I'd say you were more like the Supremes and the Temptations combined, but I'm just being technical...