Friday, December 12, 2014

Simple Joys

Do you have somewhere of which you are fond quite out of proportion to its objective merits?

I have to admit that we do, and we got our visit off to a good start yesterday by going there.  It's just a pub, the kind of ordinary commercial high-street place of which I'm sure there are dozens if not hundreds in this lovely city, part of some chain that supplies the beer and the resolutely uninventive menu.  We don't care; the Mister and I like because we've always been happy there, and because it provides an excellent base for people-watching.

We were even doubly lucky yesterday, as Thursday is the Curry Special, which provides a hearty helping of that Britannic speciality, chicken tikka masala, and all the trimmings including a nice pint. The weather was gray and spitting rain, but it was marvelously comfortable in our little place, the people (and a colorful lot they were) that even little bit more happy to be there out of the weather on a raw Thursday afternoon.

Our hotel, a vast and ponderous pile made more than tolerable by an almost miraculous corporate rate and the presence of an indoor pool, is located at the far end of London's principal Arabic thoroughfare the Edgware Road.  Walking down toward Marble Arch we might as well be in an unseasonably cold Cairo, so thick is it with shisha joints and discount mobile phone stands.  All in all it's starting off a lovely trip, with every sign of it continuing so - and more adventures to come.


  1. It is remarkable, indeed, that you can find such sensory fulfilment in - of all places - the Edgware Road... Enjoy our fair city, dears, and hope your meanderings do take you somewhere (ahem) even more satidfying! Jx

  2. A seasoned traveller such as you surely knows this, but a visit to Liberty is essential, especially at Christmas!

  3. But of course! Did a little damage at Penhaligon's as well, but don't tell Mr. Muscato - it's a surprise...

  4. So glad to hear your jaunt 'cross the pond is going so well.

    As for "jernts" of which I'm fond beyond their merits, might I present Stan's Chitch's Café. It's a local institution where my husband's parents went on dates some 55+ years ago. It's been completely flooded out at least 3 times in the last 45 years but rises like a Phoenix. It's decidedly basic décor likely makes this rather easy. It is downtown on an odd bend in the road, just past the strip clubs (we currently have two, I believe, down from five a few years back - nothing but charm and class for my town)

    The neighborhood gang gathers here at least once a month for cheap pitchers of beer and a singular thin crust sausage pizza that keeps patrons coming back for decades.

    The waitresses know us. The locals are colorful. And we gay the place up a bit.