Monday, December 8, 2014

After All These Years, Still Definitely Not a Fruitcake

Here at the Café, our Christmas holiday has started, so it seems appropriate to kick off the festive season in the way that's become something of a tradition hereabouts.

I really don't feel like the holidays are under way until I've seen this clip.  You're welcome.

Rather annoyingly, we're seguing into this much-welcomed winter break out of a significantly less-desired stretch in the sick bay, with both the Mister and me still rather under the weather.  Since we have some distinctly intriguing adventures coming up, this is vexing in the extreme, but we have decided to be as patient and sensible as possible, follow doctors' orders, and continue to hope that all will be well.

All will be revealed in due time, but for now I'm going to revel in the genius that Pee Wee brought to us, all the while hoping that what I'll find under the Christmas tree this year is a pair of Motown backup singers - think what a handy and practical gift that would be!


  1. I remember thinking that Grace Jones' costume for the Christmas Special was the most creative ever. Rubbermaid corset and construction paper hat.