Monday, December 15, 2014

Destinations (From the Correspondence of a Lady of Quality)

Oddly enough, I found this on the breakfast table at our hotel...

Very Dear Violet:

Writing in a tearing haste, as at any moment Richard and I will be summoned from the hotel's Executive Lounge upon the arrival of our chauffeured limousine.  I thought, though, you'd want to know we've had a lovely weekend before our further travels.

Of course, the highlight you will not be surprised to learn was the thrilling and Very Exclusive Private Tour of the State Apartments at Buckingham Palace.  Of course, I'd rather hoped we'd see a bright blue eye and mass of perfectly coiffed silver hair peeping around a corner at us (or even the sterner gaze and browner loaf of her Dear Daughter), but our terribly informative guide, Susan, confided that the Family was Not in Residence.  Even so, the rooms were Quite Something, and I like to think I picked up a decorating idea or two for our own little drawing room.  It was an afternoon to remember.

Now we're about to be whirled off to the docks at Southampton, and I'm told we'll have Priority Boarding for our trip on the dear Queen Mary 2, which should afford Richard plenty of time to sort out things with the maitre d' and me to unpack in our luxury stateroom (Balcony this time - I believe that you and Bruce went only ocean-view last time, isn't that so, dear?) before we wriggle in to I'm sure we'll be asked to the Captain's Farewell Sail Away Party.

So you shan't be hearing from us for a week, dear Violet, but I shall send an aerogram the instant we check into our World Class hotel accommodations in New York City, located in the heart of that Luxury District, Times Square - Richard's very discerning travel agent from his office says it's an SRO, which apparently means Special Rooms Only, which I think that sounds awfully sophisticated, don't you?

Ever your sister,

P.S.:  Tell Daisy and Rose nothing of our travels.  This is very important.  Of course, if Mrs. Councillor Nugent asks, do make sure she knows everything, especially about the SRO.

Now that I've been naughty and shared this missive, I shall of course post it.  Funny what a similar experience to ours this dear lady has been and is having!  I half think she was the round little person dressed very like the late Queen Mother who nearly knocked my elbow when I took the snap above just outside dear old Selfridge's.  Terribly festive, don't you think?  I expect we'll run into her at the Captain's party.

See you in a week, darlings, when we reach our next destination...


  1. And there's me thinking - if we ever did bump into each other on one of your jaunts to my fair home city, that you would be " the round little person dressed very like the late Queen Mother"...


  2. read your "brosher" carefully Muscato - there's much to do onboard! Enjoy - I've always wanted to do a transatlantic sail. So very glamorous dontcha think?

  3. If it's good enough for Mme. Bucket, it's much too good for me.