Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A First Lady's First First... But Not Her Last?

Well, I wouldn't necessarily want to be held responsible for what I was wearing my senior year in college, but really - were those trousers ever acceptable?

This, of course, is none other than Wellesley College student leader Hillary Rodham, caught on camera on June 11, 1969, after becoming the first student ever to speak at a Wellesley graduation.  Since then, of course, she has gone on to  even grander platforms and podia, and barring the unforeseen, looks to be a very strong contender for one yet more so (hence the resurrection of a label not seen since earliest 2009, by the bye).

Yesterday, she moved, possibly, a step in that direction when she launched her own Twitter account (and quickly gained nearly 400,000 followers - feel free to go join them now, as long as you also follow me and hurry back).  Today, she got a further boost when a gentleman rather well-placed to help underwrite any electoral effort hailed her cyberpresence and included a new hashtag, of which I don't suppose we've seen the last:  #45.*

As for the trousers, I can do no better than to echo the observation made immortal by the great Thombeau: it's a look...

* For non-American Gentle Readers, a hint:  her husband was #42.


  1. Thombeau would ask, "Is it wrong?"

  2. were those trousers ever really acceptable?

    well, if a hunter needed a bulls-eye....

  3. I find the trousers rather groovy, but the footwear is appalling. And bare toenails with sandals; yuckerama!