Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pack Up Your Troubles...

Well, it's D-Day minus two, and remarkably, Mr. Muscato and I are still speaking...

For the moment.  We shall see if that holds 'til Tuesday night, when if all goes as planned, the movers will have been and gone and we'll be down to a couple of suitcase, two dog carriers, and a pair of entirely freaked-out terriers to go in them.

At the moment, though, ours is a life of unspeakable chaos interrupted only by ever-less-festive farewell parties.  By Thursday, when we actually head to the airport, I can only believe that everyone we know here will be heartily glad to see the back of us.

One does find the most inexplicable things when sorting out all the flotsam and jetsam that builds up in a house (and does so all the faster when one is, temperamentally, a future Hoarders star guest just waiting to happen).  How, for example, did Mother Muscato's treasured copy of the Bicentennial edition of Time magazine turn up among some papers from the office in Ghana?  Why was there an Japanese thousand yen note inside a box of souvenir note cards from Chautauqua, New York, that itself is something of a mystery?

All of which only adds to one's befuddlement.  It will be a miracle if we get out of here without losing our passports, attempting murder, or both.

Pray for us...


  1. Put the thousand yen note towards a bottle of champers - and toast the fact you've waded through the confusing accumulation of oddities and come out of it (relatively) unscathed! Jx

  2. I think it was you who said Five moves equals a fire.

    I'm always amazed by what we keep and where we keep it. You know, the odd little drawers on occasional tables and how they hold a set of coasters that no one ever remembers to use, an odd out of focus picture of a prior time in someones life and a golf ball, well because no one in the house plays golf and it meant something at sometime. The minute you throw it out will be the minute someone looks for it.

  3. Frustrating, terrifying, exciting. And just wait 'till you get to unpack all the stuff that's been waiting patiently at the other end all these years! Safe travels and good luck. Can't wait to read about 'the arrival'...