Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sister Act

They tried to start a fan club.  Finally, their glamourous Cousin Nancye (who sang alto with her own trio) finally had the sense to pull the ringleader (Jolene, left) aside and tell her in no uncertain terms that they were never going to get anyone to sign up for something called "The McCancers."  She later thought she might have gone too far when she added that they really had to stop Sadie Jo (center) from making their stage costumes.

Not long thereafter, the girls took their own advice and headed for the Lights of Home.  For all I know, they're still there.  Well, except for Liddie (right) who later moved to Fresno to become a key-punch operator.


  1. LOVE them! Except Liddie. She's a bitch. Jx

  2. I heard that Sadie Jo's husband made her quit the group, when, after practice, Jolene came home with some fancy hair-do that Norm, the church organist, had whipped up for her. Sadie Jo's husband had always been worried that durn organist was a little light in the loafers.

  3. I think it looks more like they just weren't getting any traction as the McCance Brothers and just decided "Oh, what the hell...."