Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Freeze Tag

Stop time.  Have her remember why they need to leave.  Decide to fly out that night, back to the capital, fly back to the children.  Think of a reason.

It is San Antonio, Texas, November 21, 1963.  They still have to do Houston and Fort Worth.  In the morning, they go on to Dallas.  She plans to wear her pink; she hasn't worn it for a year or more, since the visit of the Maharajah of Jaipur.  She has no idea.


  1. None of us do. A moment before the best or the worst thing happens we have no idea. That's why the 'right now' is so important.

    Right now I'm very thankful to (across these many miles and oceans) know you.

  2. Brrrrrrr.

    Glad you're ok, even if the car's not.

  3. Those women, that family. If any of them knew what was ahead, I'm sure more than a few would have fled. That they have soldiered on, continued to serve, and lived so publicly is a testament to the human spirit. Life does always go on.

  4. I agree with Felix. We never know.