Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Birthday Girl: Bright Young Thing

I think I could be forgiven had I been tempted to save this particular birthday girl to use as a future Mystery Guest.  Would you have connected this rather alarmingly coiffed, mildly Tallulahesque denizen of the '20s with Maude Findlay's sharp-tongued factotum Mrs. Naugatuck? 

But it's true, for decades before Hermione Baddeley became beloved of a generation of young filmgoers as the housemaid in Mary Poppins or, later on, traded barbs with Adrienne Barbeau, she was a stalwart of the British stage and screen.  Of all the things she did, I think, the one I'd trade my eye-teeth for (such as they are) would be the chance to glory in her turn, alongside her namesake, the immortal Hermione Gingold, in their pal Noël Coward's Fallen Angels.  That, I am quite sure, was a memorable night in the theatre.

I feel especially lucky today, for in my quest to find a good snap to pay tribute to Hermione B., I happened across a rather enchanting new destination:  The Fabulous Birthday Blog.  I can't think how I've missed it 'til now.  Go there immediately, but do come back; it gets lonely here without you...


  1. Miss Gingold, in her fantabulosa memoir How to Grow Old Disgracefully, provides some rather pithy insights into the fractious relationship between the two Hermiones - but at least Angus McBean caught them smiling. Jx

  2. i can see "her" in the eyes,
    but i think you would've stumped us all had you chosen to.

    and yes, i shall come back. do you think my name is sheba?