Sunday, September 2, 2012

Three on a Match

One of my favorite literary meetups took place 53 years ago today, when Lula Smith had Tanne Blixen and Norma Jeane Miller over for lunch.  It was a real lovefest that even the taciturn presence of Mr. Miller couldn't dilute.

I choose to regard as gospel truth the longstanding rumor that, before the afternoon was out, the three of them danced on Lula's marble-topped dinner table.


  1. To quote the entry on on Karen Blixen/Isak Dinesen in Philip Core's seminal work Camp: The Lie That Tells The Truth: "Her habit of being carried into her own drinks parties wearing a voluminous white satin Pierrot costume over her wasted frame is the perfect reminder that camp is often the spectre at the feast." That sums up this picture in my mind... Jx

  2. Some Like Babette's Member Hot.

    1. Bravo! That's the dirtiest thing I've heard in ages. And given where I surf, that's saying something...