Friday, September 14, 2012

Green Goddesses

When Edie (left) first met Stella and Elaine, on her first day in the typing pool at Snell Snell & Snell, she had no idea that within six months she'd be launched into an exciting second career in show business.

While it lasted, the Key Notes were cherished by a small and very specific audience:  people neither ready for the raw, youthful energy of the Faith Tones nor for the towering glamor of the Tri-Tones.

Sadly, it all went south when Stella got a tempting offer to go on the road as a Florence Henderson impersonator and had the nerve to drag Elaine along with her as Ann B. Davis.  For years, Edie was bitter, not least because she had had a bit of a name back in the pool for her spot-on Robert Reed.


  1. There aren't a lot of women who can pull off that seafoam green like they can.

  2. Oh my.
    Please don't make us think about them pulling off anything, Cookie. Thanks.

  3. I'm sure when she watched Dreamgirls, it just riled all those old sores up again.

    1. Oh, you know it did, not least because of the way in which it recalled Stella's ill-fated attempt to release her own disco version of "Love Eternally," which had always been Edie's big number.

      Little known fact: in the early '80s, Edie was in contact with Jean Terrell, who was sadly uninterested in fronting what Edie had hoped would be The New Key Notes 2000. Putting her starry dreams aside, she has since gone into scrapbooking in a big way.

  4. i had this on 8-track,
    but it burned along with the pinto.

  5. Ha! Awesome. Until I realized the one in the middle IS MY MOTHER. Nice. That hurt. You cruel, cruel woman.