Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our Fair Lady

Isn't she great?  The terms of the coming election are really coming into focus, and on the homefront, I think the choice between Mom-in-Chief and Mormo-Robo-Scold is pretty clear.  We don't usually wax too political hereabouts, but really it's astonishing the difference between this week and last, and looking back home from a Sandlandian perspective, almost surreal.
Adore the dress - gorgeous color, flattering cut, and a pattern that would have greatly appealed to Grandmother Muscato, all without being retro-costumey.  The woman rocked.  Let's hope the polls do, too.


  1. i've always wanted to vote for the first ladies, even ladybird!

  2. Oh, I've had a crush on her (and him) for years.

  3. "Even" Ladybird? Why the "even"?

  4. Indeed, and thank you, John in Iowa. I won't have a word said against Mrs. Johnson in these parts.

    Now, the second Mrs. Ronald Reagan or that strumpet Grace Coolidge - fire away!

  5. Can we take a few shots at Flo Harding, too? The Duchess was quite a piece of work.

    1. Oh, absolutely. And feel free to throw in a zinger or two at Edith Carew Roosevelt. Shrew.

  6. From the jump it was clear that she had "It", but shortly into her husband's first term, I could see that she had "What" to back the "It" up.