Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life

63 years ago today, photographer Peter Stackpole captured for the readers of Life this rather intriguing moment in the homelife of Mr. Mario Lanza.  I'm sure the very well set-up young gentleman on the mat is simply, as it were, encouraging the tenor to greater heights of physical fitness.

Well, there's certainly something physical about this snap, no?

Despite the undeniable presence (in history albeit nowhere to be seen here) of Mrs. Lanza and four little Lanzettes, I can't help but think it's telling how the erstwhile Alfred Cocozza chose his stage name - his sainted mother was born Maria Lanza.  And, whatever else may be going on here, you have to admit: great Adirondacks.  Which sound like it ought to be a naughty euphemism, but, at least in this case, isn't.


  1. More of the man on the mat, please!!

  2. Agreed - he would certainly get me jumping! Jx

  3. What other kind of tableau could you expect from a lens-man named Stack Pole?

    1. Bravo, Felix! And he's a Peter, no less.