Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Your Earworm for Wednesday

I know that I've already done this to your poor unsuspecting brains once this week, by resurrecting the lamentable but fatally catchy "Lucy in London," but I decided that since I'm now stuck with this one, you should be too.
You already would be, you see, if you watched as much Egyptian television as I do.  It's the hot video of the moment, appearing at least four times an hour on what seems like every station.   Yes, it's Egyptian leading man Hamada Hilal in the big number from his latest film, Mr. and Mrs. Awees, and how it can possibly fit into any plot known to man is a question I hope never to have to answer by seeing the movie.  Mr. Hamada's co-star, a fetching actress called Bushra (I'm not making this up, you know, as the divine Anna Russell used to observe now and then) appears briefly, as do a number of noted character players.
Within seconds, even without any Arabic you will quickly glean its title, "Ana Spoongebob," which means only "I am Spongebob."  The rest of the lyric is just about equally deathless.
If nothing else it's a veritable festival of copyright infringement, and I encourage you to try and see just how many different studios, estates, and other rightsholders might take umbrage were it to come to their attention.  I find myself watching it mostly for glimpses of the attractive moustachioed man in the furry suit, and that's just about how starved for entertainment we are hereabouts.  I'm starting to think we should get out more.


  1. I gave this five seconds before I had to switch off. I sincerely hope this is a kids' film, otherwise I am beginning to think the post-Mubarak Egypt is really in trouble... Jx

    PS Full marks for the Anna Russell reference, however!

  2. The moustache was all right, but you definitely need to get out more. In fact, I think an intervention may be called for.

  3. My inner child started crying about halfway through this.