Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bollywood Birthday Boy (Updated!)

Let's wish a happy 31st, shall we, to Indohunk extraordinaire, the Café's beefcake mascot, Mr. Upen Patel.  Word on the street is that after his stretch as a student in the UK, he's plotting his cinematic return.  Not a moment too soon.

Breathless Thursday Evening Update
Just in case it's of interest to any Gentle Readers in London, he's having dinner out!

Anyone brave enough to weather both a tony neighborhood and likely subpar teriyaki in order to take a quick snap of this historic occasion will obviously win my undying gratitude.

And yes, I realize that posting this image confirms (as if many of you had any doubt) that I'm Twitter-stalking him.  Don't judge.


  1. Well, what am I supposed to do? You won't answer my calls. You change your number. I mean, I'm not gonna be ignored, Upen!

  2. I'll have some poppadoms with that, please... Jx

    1. There really ought to be someone brighter than I who could craft something hilarious out of a riposte that starts "Pappadom preach..."

      But it really would have to. Be someone brighter than I...