Thursday, August 2, 2012

Home, Home...

...On the range.  As in hot.  Get it?

Yeah, pretty weak, I know, but what do you want? We've been traveling for two days.

Finally, though, we've made it safely home, at last.

Happy dogs are happy.

Tired travelers are tired.

But lord, it is hot.  Those wimps back in Washington have no idea.


  1. i always love coming home to my roper range. sometimes i think it's the only one that really misses me.

  2. I'm an O'Keefe & Merritt gal. Came with the house. In it's 6th decade. 3 out of 4 burners still work. The Grill-O-Lator has gone south. The center griddle is not level and sends your scrambled eggs running into the bowels of the monolith. But the oven and broiler are good. It will go "someday when we remodel the kitchen..." But for now it's quite the conversation piece.

    Of course, my cooking garb looks nothing like Lady Roper's smart yellow dress and adorable apron. My kitchen look runs more toward Mrs. Roper - mumu, costume bangles and baubles, fright fro.

    Oh, and welcome home, Dear Muscato and Mr. M. Glad to hear you are back on foreign sands.

  3. Welcome home!
    You should bake an nice icebox pie in that beauty. It's too hot for anything else.