Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Take Me Back...

...to Cairo, in this charming video of the Nileside '60s pop hit by teen heartthrob Karim Shukri.  It's about the only tune I can think of, the original aside, to which one might conceivably Shumba.

Time passes, of course.  Shukri, as nearly as I can find out, is now a retired film distributor living quietly in Canada.  Cairo doesn't look quite the same.  Even so, I'll happily go back as soon as the chance arrives.  I've told Mr. Muscato that the only thing that will shake my resolve is if the crazies really do try and make the place dry; Cairo without the old bars, the nightclubs, and a nice cold Sakkara Gold beer on the Nile might not be the place for me.


  1. Thoughts of Egypt always send me into my best (worst?) Anne Baxter imitation. It's always better if there are some drapery sheers around.

  2. Time does pass, of course, but how does one make the leap from Egyptian heart throb to Canadian film distributor? The sounds like a story to be chased down. Somehow I assume it involves the leather bars in Greenwich Village in the late 70s.