Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Heeeere's Grace!

In a span of four days that took in everything from 1,000 ships on the Thames to a right royal RAF fly-past, she was the only thing that threatened, even for a moment, to steal focus from the Jubilee girl herself.

But only for a moment, for this was - Grace aside (not to mention Annie Lennox, Kylie, Dame Shirley Bassey, Sir Elton, Sir Tom - he is one by now, Mr. Jones, isn't he? - and many more) - entirely the trimph of Elizabeth II: indomitable, inexhaustible, as unlikely and fabulous in her own way as Grace is in hers.

Today, I thought, watching her stand - suddenly alone, temporarily without her Duke - at the end of the service at St. Paul's, she enters history.  I wonder what on earth she made of the hula-hooping Amazon who so enthusiastically celebrated on her behalf?


  1. I surprised myself with how saddened I was by Philip's absence from Her Majesty's side. He's always been there, a few steps behind, and she looked just a bit more frail without him bringing up the rear. I'm sure it dampened the celebration considerably for her. But, ever the Royal, she's soldiered on and making do.

    And I'm sure she appreciated that the insane, ever-outre Ms. Jones made her look that much more regal, solid and dependable.

  2. I am sure Her Majesty and Miss Jones are quite often seen having a laugh over a couple of pints of mild-and-bitter down at the "Dog and Duck"...

    Grace certainly was one of many fabulous highlights in a fabulous three-day celebration. Another was the crowd's impromptu cheers for Prince Philip during Charles' speech at the end of the concert. Jx

  3. Wouldn't have been amusing to hear Her Majesty comment "Damn, bitch." I know I would have laughed.

  4. Can't wait for Grace's Jubilee...when Liz will do the same act, I can only hope.

  5. I've just been over to Jon's where I was complaining that our national broadcaster CUT the Grace Jones performance when they packaged the show.