Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sailing, Sailing...

And we're off - again!  Il mio sorella, as Georgie might say, arrived in fine form yesterday afternoon, and today we motor down to Southampton to embark on the next stage of our journey, on the Queen Mary.  Technically, of course, she's the Queen Mary 2, but that makes me think of WilliamandMary rather than the dear lady for whom the ship (like her predecessor, languishing now at Long Beach) was originally named.

There will likely, therefore, be something of a hiatus hereabouts, as one of the great joys of this trip will be that there will be minimal, if any, connection to the Great Wide World and its Web.  Since that includes the demon BlackBerry, I couldn't be happier, no matter how distraught the dear folks back at the office get...


  1. I'm picturing this entire trip as a cross between Travels With My Aunt and Room With a View. Or anything else featuring Maggie Smith.

  2. Have a lovely time, and once in a while wave at those poor souls in steerage while you're taking a morning constitutional on the upper deck.