Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Public Service Announcement: Mother Nature

Now, I'm admittedly not the most ultragreen person around.  Living in one of the most hellish climates on earth, we use way too much air-conditioning, and recycling is a concept that is, as yet, still a glimmer in local government's eye in these parts (we now have separate bins, one black, one pointedly green - but they both get dumped in the same trucks).  I'd be a flat-out liar if I said that I turn out every light, that I'm reconsidering my carbon footprtint, or that I have any intention of swearing off raspberries flown half-way 'round the world from New Zealand or worse just for my delectation.  Count it as yet another area in which I'm hopelessly spoiled.

Still, who better to start me and all of us on the path to more thoughtful living than the Divine Miss M.?  Her high-profile work over the past few years to re-green New York's blighted parks has been yet another reminder that I'm far too far from home - she even tweets about hanging out at the park café near my old place!   I could meet her while volunteering! (Even though, now that I'm hitched, it's something I'd no longer need to do - everyone knows that people in Manhattan only volunteer to either find a partner, spend time away from a partner, or find a new partner.  It's a rule.)

Drat.  Even trying to be all noble and altruistic can make me grumpy...


  1. LOVE HER! The old girl still knows how to turn it on.

  2. She's one of the few people that I'd be scared to meet. I fear I would either throw my arms around her and profess undying love, or clam up completely and weep quietly while she put distance between herself and the crazy crying man.

  3. Totally!

    I've only had that happen once, back in my glamour aide de very camping days. I was introduced to the lady who had decided, on hearsay, to take me on as her Gooch for a several-week project and I absolutely froze. There was a long silence, and finally she reached out, touched my hand, and said, "Deep breath, dear. Happens all the time."

    With Midler, I do think it's likely that weeping might be involved, along with snuffled requests for her to finally for Christ's sake do a studio version of "Bang You're Dead" from Live at Last, a great number she only ever did in concert.

  4. "Even trying to be all noble and altruistic can make me grumpy... "

    Me too, dear. Far too much of it about. However, Miss Midler could probably talk me into anything... Jx