Monday, April 9, 2012

In the Pink, Once Upon a Time

Since she's on Thom's mind over at the show-biz armageddon that is the Redundant Variety Hour, I felt like revisiting better days in the life of Sári Gábor Belge Hilton Sanders Hutner Cosden Ryan O'Hara de Alba Lichtenberg "von Anhalt," better known, of course, as Zsa Zsa.

These last few years have been hard on fans of the Gabor phenomenon.  What was once a glorious, winking joke (one in which Zsa Zsa, Eva, Magda, and Mama were wholly complicit for six or seven decades) has soured, leaving only a sad old lady, an aging half-mad gigolo/fantasist, and a trail of increasingly sordid stories.

I'd rather focus on all the long years that involved things like fuschia satin daywear, glittery mules, and that very particular vanilla-ice-cream-and-bourbon expression (a prime example of which is seen here) that the Zsa so often adopted for photos.  Bless.


  1. yes mr. musc, no one could say it better.

    but, when you've been a major cog in that phenom wheel and you've lived long past your usefulness AND had a leg lopped off, you're bloggy fodder. whatcha gonna do.

  2. She has a beautiful vanilla and bourbon complexion too.

  3. Doesn't it say something about the American 50s when sexiness was generally associated with foreign-ness (Sophia Loren, the Gabors, Bardot, Lollabrigida)?